A Prayer for Invisible Wounds/Memorial Day, 2016

Spirit of Love, Giver of Life and Breath
We come before you in humility and awe
Seeking your listening ear,
Seeking the liberating power of Justice and Mercy,
And the abundant flow of Love and Compassion.

We lift up those weary of heart,
Those who are in hospitals and nursing homes,
Those who are grieving, hungry, and sick of war, war, war,
Those who are in prison, 
And especially those who are incarcerated and mistreated,
We also lift up those who have mistreated others,
And don’t know how to make a repair.

We remember all veterans and their families
And those who are suffering because of war;

Those whose loved ones have been lost at sea
On land or in the air; those who remain sleepless with loss and grief.  
We remember those who have faithfully discharged orders
That they found odious. Only to find their way
Of understanding the world torn asunder.

We remember those who bear invisible wounds:
The wounded storytellers, wounded healers,
Wounded peace-makers broken in body or spirit.
We give thanks today for the Portland 111 of the United Methodist
Church coming out bravely as queer clergy in a church that still closes its doors to them.

We give thanks for those resilient souls who have
Withstood brokenness and chaos and lived to tell their tales,
Stories of courage on an unnamed hill at “O dark thirty,”
Courage when opening a public bathroom door
Marked white only or birth gender only.
Empower them to keep on keeping on and to share their stories.

Lift us all in the healing balm of Grace and Mercy
The brave and the broken, the beautiful and the torn.
The strong and the sorrow stricken.
Catch and cradle
our falling tears,
That these tears might fall on soft ground
Where something meaningful might grow.
This is our prayer, in the name of all that is Holy.


This prayer was offered by the Rev. Dr. Joanne Braxton as guest liturgist at All Souls Church, Unitarian, Washington, D.C. on May 22, 2016. The Braxton Institute is a partner of the Soul Repair Center, Brite Divinity School, Fort Worth, Texas.