Pray(s) for the Mothers: A Mother’s Day Prayer

Rev. Joanne Braxton All Souls Church Unitarian Washington, D.C. May 12, 2019

Spirit of Love and Life, we thank you for your healing presence among us in this sanctuary on this blessed Mother’s Day.

 On this day, we offer praise for the love that gave us life and we offer praise for the mothers. For mothers everywhere, and for those who are like mothers. For the ones who did without so that we might have.

We pray for the nurturing grandmothers and aunts, for the Harriet Tubmans of this present world and time. For the mothering father spirit and the fathering mother spirit of those who raise fierce and beautiful children and equip them to do the work of Justice and Mercy in this our present incarnation.

 For all those of a mothering spirit who bring that gift with them every time they walk into a room, we offer Praise. Praise for mannish women and womanish men, for the uncles and fathers who embody a mother’s courage and a mother’s care.

 Praise for those who made and those who make a way out of no way.

 Praise and Mercy for the mothers who have lost their children to war, drugs and gun violence and the slow-creeping violence of systemic inequality and racism; for the mothers who work tirelessly for a women’s right to choose, that no woman should be bound in silence or servitude by her biology. 

 Praise and Mercy for mothers grappling in real time with the impact of floods, hurricanes, famine, war and global climate change. Mercy for the Mothers on the border and those who live in fear of deportation or exploitation.

Praise for the ones who got flowers on Mother’s Day and the ones who didn’t. Blessings for the mother who holds her babe in her arms and Mercy and comfort for the mother who cannot.

 Mercy and blessing for the mother whose child is ill or incarcerated or way beyond the Veil. Hold these mothers and these children in your all-embracing Love until they know that they are yours.

For those of us whose mothers too have slipped away, and whose loving touch we miss. Help us to endure and to find the spirit of our lost mothers within ourselves that we too may be comforted. Let it be. Let it be.

In this Love, O Holy One, we boldly pray. On bended knee, we give thanks for you, the source of all.  With all that we are and all that we have. We affirm the Power of Your Presence and invite your Spirit of Justice and Mercy and Blessing among us, today and always.