The Braxton Institute works closely with our collaborators to design creative, flexible, transformative learning experiences which sustain the work of justice and collective healing.

Our services include, but are not limited to: 

Workshops, small group spiritual direction, mentoring, facilitation, artistic collaboration, and intensive retreats- each of which offers tools, training, and respite care with an emphasis on creative and spiritual practices for psychological and physical health.


The Braxton Institute Symposia: Our symposia are public educational events focused on a topic related to sustainability and renewal for caregivers and those affected by exposure to trauma and injustice. The Symposia are open to the general public and offer education on a broad range of issues at the intersections of care, morality, and sustainability. We offered our first Fall Symposium in September, 2014, entitled The Violence That Touches Everyone: Recovering Human Sustainability in a Time of War.

Ongoing Projects:

The Braxton Institute is currently expanding institutional capacities in light of increasing demand from local and national organizations operating across diverse disciplines, including the arts and humanities in medical education, military trauma and veteran support, pastoral counseling, criminal justice reform, and other forms of intersectional social justice advocacy.

Our collaborations include:


Consulting with nonprofit leaders to improve organizational responses to the distress experienced by employees and community members working to address healthcare disparities among members of marginalized populations.

Consulting on the development of medical education curriculum for a public university seeking to enhance student's cultural competency, clinical humility, interpersonal reflexivity, and professional capacities for patient-centered justice and trauma-informed care.

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