The Braxton Institute offers educational services, consulting services, workshops, training events and retreats for people engaged in helping and care-giving professions, especially those engaged in care-giving activities that expose them to trauma and injustice, and for caregivers who themselves may be marginalized and face prejudices that create additional challenges to sustainability in their work due to their gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, culture or religious affiliation. Individuals that will be served by the Braxton Institute include, for example: soldiers, veterans, health-care workers, teachers, social workers, police officers and fire fighters, home-health providers, family caregivers, and clergy. We document and publicize our research and commitments through the creation of archives, curriculum, and the accumulation of quantitative and qualitative data for the production of books, other media and evidence based study.

We affirm human ecology and diversity in all its forms, including race, gender and gender expression, ethnicity, sexual preference, physical ability, and religious affiliation or lack thereof. Our goals include authentic ecumenical, inter-religious, multi-faith, multi-cultural and multi-racial community-building, leadership development among at-risk populations, especially young people, and a greater understanding of the ways that perceptions of race, ethnicity, poverty, sexuality and sexual preference, gender and gender identification and subtle and overt forms of discrimination influence personal and professional life.

The Braxton Institute is a registered 501c3 non profit organization.